All aboard the Singles League train – get your entry in now!

Entry into the next season of the Singles League closes soon, but if you want to get place, you really should get your entry in as soon as possible.  Even if you enter at the last minute (on presentation night) you still might not get a place – as the league only runs in divisions of 12.

It can seem quite complicated, as we take deposits for entry as well as full entry fees before the closing date, so in the interests of clarity we will try to explain the entry process in simple terms.

A good way to look at this is that the Singles League is a train, with carriages that hold 12 players each.

Firstly – forget the existing divisions and who is a new or existing player.  For the next season we start with no players at all.  A player is only entered once they have paid (at this stage a deposit or full entry makes no difference).  Once a player has paid, they are allocated a seat number and can wait on the platform.  They can only board the train once we have 11 more to fill a carriage.


Once we have our first 12 players, then we know we are going to have at least one division next season!


As more people enter, we add more carriages – but we only let people board in groups of 12 so we can add a division.



The problem comes if people turn up at the last minute and hope to get on the train – but there isn’t space because we are not going to add another carriage until there are 12 people waiting!   Even if those people pay their entry we have no choice but to refund them when the train heads out of the station.


When entries close on presentation night we do a bit of reorganisation of our passengers before we set off.  Firstly, people might have boarded the train and only paid a deposit.  If they haven’t paid the balance by the closing date, they will get thrown off the train and if there are people on the platform who have paid full entry, they get a seat.  

Just before we set off we might see who is waiting on the platform.  If there are 10 or 11 players we might then make a few phone calls and see if we can persuade a couple of people to ride the train this season – in which case we will add a final carriage.  If there are more players needed it makes it more difficult to find player that will be committed to the whole season at short notice, so unfortunately we have to send those on the platform home (or they can sit in the waiting room in case someone jumps off the train!)

Once we get rolling we play musical chairs and move people around the train until every one is sitting in the right place – Premier players at the front, and new players in the last carriage.

Hopefully thinking of the new season of the Singles League as train has made the entry process a bit clearer…  then again, it might not!  Either way the message is that if you want to enter the next season then you should get your entry in as soon as possible!

You can enter at the club or online here:

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