Dishin Derby Competition Results – 07/09/2018

Shaun Storry out-dished 13 runners in this month’s Dishin Derby competition.

In the first round, Shaun took no prisoners, despite carrying a heavy -30 handicap. His match against Mason Perry saw him rocket into the second round with a 93-18 result. Michael Yaxley faired marginally better but suffered much the same fate in the next round (25-94).

The semis saw no sign of wavering in camp Storry. Stuart Byford took his turn as a spectator, as Shaun potted his way into another final (75-5).

In the final, Shaun met familiar adversary Nick Phillips, who was carrying his own -10 handicap. But there was no stopping Mr Storry who is yet to find a challenger to his dishing prowess (16-90).

Shaun bagged £40 for winning the competition and another £20 for achieving the highest break of 68 which he recorded twice in one night. Nick collected £20 for his efforts. Shaun starts the next dishing derby on -55 and Nick on – 20

You can watch the final on MrPoolsTV here:

Shaun received £40, while runner-up Nick collected £20. Shaun also collected the highest break prize of £20 for a run of 90. In the next Dishin’ Derby Shaun Storry starts on -30 balls each round.

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