Dishin Derby Competition Results – 04/01/2019

Glenn Sibbons dished his way to victory in the first Dishin Derby of this year, despite strong competition.

In the first round, Simon Smith gave a good fight but failed to keep momentum (61-33). Stuart Byford might well have been Glenn’s exit card given his previous form, however, Sibbons sailed through the match with a good margin (23-69).

The semi-final against Curtis Farthing was a close fought match. With just three points in it, Glenn had to dig deep to make it to the ultimate round (57-60). In the final, Glenn faced Nick Phillips who was fresh from dishing the highest break. Starting on -10, Nick put in a good fight but Glenn tipped the balance, claiming a well-earned notch in his competition post (60-44).

You can watch the final on MrPoolsTV here:

Glenn received £32.50, while Nick Phillips collected £16.26 for being runner-up and a further £16.25 for the highest break of 41. In the next Dishin’ Derby Glenn starts on minus 25 and Nick starts on minus 10.

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