Dishin’ Derby Competition Results – 01/12/2017

The final of Decembers Dishin Derby was contested by two previous winners, Shaun Storry romped home even with a -20 handicap.

Shaun started his night with a 60-7 demolition of Michael Foster. He then went on at full steam to run out an 88-0 winner against Curtis Farthing.

In the semi-final, Nick Phillips got some points on the board as he went out 60-36.

The final was all one-way traffic as Storry rounded off his evening with a 60 to -10 result against Stuart Byford who failed to score with his -10 point handicap.

You can watch the final on MrPoolsTV here:

Shaun won £30.00, runner-up Stuart picked up £15. Shaun also won £15.00 for the highest break of the evening, 56. In the next Dishin Derby, Shaun Storry starts on -30 points each round.

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