Dishin Derby Competition Results – 01/06/2018

Nick Phillips took top honours in June’s Dishin’ Derby event along with the high break prize.

Phillips started as he meant to on with a 67-18 win over Mick Robinson in the first round. He really hit his stride in the next round as he dispensed with Sean Parnell by 63 points to 7.

In the semi-final, Scott Sutton could only muster short of two racks as he bowed out 61-26.

The final saw Phillips round off his evening without really being tested, with a 69-31 win over Will Jashok.

You can watch the final on MrPoolsTV here:

Nick won £32.50, while runner-up Will collected £16.25. Nick also scooped up the highest break prize of £16.25 with a surprisingly low run of 22.
runner-up Will Jaschok received £16.25. Next Dishin’ Derby Nick Phillips starts on -10 balls each round.

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