Cue Shop

The Mr Pool’s Cue Shop has a great range of cues, cases and accessories.  Everything a player could want and at a great price too!

We always have a large range of cues in stock from many different manufacturers, so whatever you are looking for, we have the cue for you.  Two piece jointed cues, 3/4 jointed cues, quick release joints, one piece cues we have a great selection.

Visitors to our cue shop are welcome to try out and ‘test drive’ a cue.  The right cue can last a lifetime, so most people try out a few before they find the right one.  We have cues in stock suitable for British 8 Ball, Snooker and American 9 Ball.

As well as cues we have a range of cases.  Your cue is a precious investment and it should be protected.  We have something for every budget.

We also stock a range of other accessories:  Tips (Blue Diamond and Elkmaster), Clamps, Sanders, Chalk and Chalk Holders, Cue Towels and many other great items.

Our stock is changing all the time, so come and see what we have today!