Dishin’ Derby Competition Results – 01/12/2017

The final of Decembers Dishin Derby was contested by two previous winners, Shaun Storry romped home even with a -20 handicap.

Shaun started his night with a 60-7 demolition of Michael Foster. He then went on at full steam to run out an 88-0 winner against Curtis Farthing.

In the semi-final, Nick Phillips got some points on the board as he went out 60-36.

The final was all one-way traffic as Storry rounded off his evening with a 60 to -10 result against Stuart Byford who failed to score with his -10 point handicap.

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Friday Night Competition Results – 24/11/2017

Tom Matthews pinched the last Friday Night competition of November with a win over Nick Phillips in the final.

Matthews started strong with a 4-1 win over Steven Jones. In the semi-final, Mark Huffer fell by the wayside 4-2, which set up a final with Phillips who had come through his semi, 4-1 over Chris Lingard.

In the final it was Matthews who set the pace, running out a 4-2 winner.

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Friday Night Competition Results – 10/11/2017

Graham Bryan cruised to victory in the this Friday’s knockout competition at Mr Pools.

Liam Watson failed to make much of an impression in the first round as Bryan breezed past 4-1. In the quarter-finals Will Jaschok did a little better, he got a couple on the sheet before going out 4-2.

In the semi-final Gary Nieuwenhuis lost out 4-1 despite some earlier form. In the final Ben Sibbons also ran out of steam as Bryan completed his evening 4-1

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Dishin Derby Competition Results – 03/11/2017

Stuart Byford clinched November’s Dishin’ Derby by a narrow margin on Friday Night at Mr Pools.

He started well enough, with a convincing 63-14 win over Steven Jones in the last 16. In the quarter-final, Scott Sutton was brushed aside as Byford kept up his momentum, 65-13 the score.

The semi-final saw a Liam Watson fail to mount a challenge, as he too fell away on the wrong end of a 62-21 scoreline.

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Friday Night Competition Results – 27/10/2017

Glenn Sibbons upped the gears as he clinched the Friday Night Competition at Mr Pools.

Sibbons began with a 4-2 win over recent Double Trouble finalist, Mick Robinson. In the semi-final, he found the form and confidence to breeze past Greg Bell 4-0.

Chris Lingard was waiting in the final after an even more impressive journey. He had defeated Will Jashok and Liam Watson both 4-0 on his way to the prize money.

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Double Trouble Competition Results- 20/10/2017

Stuart Byford emerged the eventual winner of the Double Trouble Competition, after an epic battle with Mick Robinson.

Byford started well enough, with a 3-0 win over Steven Jones. This was followed by another 3-0 steam past Roy Aldis (playing off -1 after a previous win in the competition).

It was in the first semi-final that the wheels came off. Mick Robinson surprised Byford with a 3-2 win. This sent Byford to the bottom half of the draw where he faced Sam Haley. Haly was conquered 2-1 and Byford headed back to the final stages and another showdown with Robinson.

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Friday Night Competition Results – 13/10/2017

Shaun Storry only dropped a couple of frames on his way to the win in this Friday’s competition.

Ben Fenwick was sent home before he began in the first round, losing out by 4 frames to nil. In the Quarter-Finals, Nick Phillips pinched one frame before he fell away 4-1.

The semis saw Chris Lingard also get the pen out once, as he tumbled away 4-1.

In the final, Mick Robinson had little in the tank after his strenuous semifinal match, and he capitulated 4-0.

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Dishin Derby Competition Results – 06/10/2017

Evan Edwards potted his way to the win in October’s Dishin’ Derby.

He started with a 70-35 win over Greg Bell, and followed that with a 63-27 win over Scott Sutton.

In the final he met Wayne Dowsett who had been potting well all night winning his previous rounds 108-22 against Liam Watson and 99-48 in his match against Ben Fenwick.

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