Cross Pairs Competition – Results – 18/01/2019

Glenn Sibbons and Miles Spankie triumphed in this month’s Cross Pairs competition.

The pair eased into the competition with an unarguable 4-0 against team Jaschok and Scott. They remained untouched in the next round against Vale and Relf-Stables (4-0), further boosting their confidence as they sailed into the semis.

Buchan and Farthing offered a bit of resistance, bagging two frames before taking their leave (4-2). In the final, Sibbons and Spankie faced Aiden Britton and Mark Huffer, who had battled hard in their previous rounds to make the final. There was a bit of a fight, but ultimately the night belonged to Glenn Sibbons and Miles Spankie (4-2).

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Singles League 2019 Starts Soon

The next season of the Singles League starts soon. This is your chance to join the UK’s biggest and best local pool competition. The event has been running for well over 20 years, all the results & tables are updated here on and last season over 100 matches were available to watch on our MrPoolsTV YouTube Channel.

Next season starts soon!

Online entry closes in:

The league consists of divisions of 12, established players are sorted into divisions based on ability, so there is a real chance for players to win prizes. The top six players in each division are guaranteed to win cash prizes, and there are trophies for the winners and runner-ups in each division. there is also a fully seeded cup competition.

There are a variety of ways to enter:

The quickest and easiest way to enter is online: CLICK HERE TO ENTER NOW

If you want to enter by post, you can download an entry form here: Singles League entry form 2017-18

Or you can pop into Mr Pools and get an entry form at the bar.

Entry fees are just £30 for new players, and £20 for existing players.

Final closing date for entries is presentation night, Saturday 23rd February 2019 but if you leave it until the last few days to enter you still might not get in! Click here to find out why.

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Friday Night Competition Results – 11/01/2019

It was a fairweather tournament for Chris Cass who beat Darren Leach in the final to become this week’s Friday Night Competition winner. Chris didn’t join the party until round two, where he faced Wayne Beales. This round proved to be a little sticky, going to evens before playing the deciding frame (3-2). By round three Chris had found his stride, stomping through Curtis Farthing 3-0. … Continue reading

Dishin Derby Competition Results – 04/01/2019

Glenn Sibbons dished his way to victory in the first Dishin Derby of this year, despite strong competition.

In the first round, Simon Smith gave a good fight but failed to keep momentum (61-33). Stuart Byford might well have been Glenn’s exit card given his previous form, however, Sibbons sailed through the match with a good margin (23-69).

The semi-final against Curtis Farthing was a close fought match. With just three points in it, Glenn had to dig deep to make it to the ultimate round (57-60). In the final, Glenn faced Nick Phillips who was fresh from dishing the highest break. Starting on -10, Nick put in a good fight but Glenn tipped the balance, claiming a well-earned notch in his competition post (60-44).

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Friday Night Competition Results – 28/12/2018

Steve Cook took no prisoners, winning this week’s Friday Night Competition with ease.

It was a gentle opening match, eased by Stuarts Byford’s generous 2 frame handicap. Stuart was able to claw back one frame before bowing out of the competition (4-1). In round two Steve faced Chris Lingard with all guns blazing, dropping just one frame to sail into the semis (4-1).

In the semi-final, Cook showed no signs of wavering, this time against Nick Phillips who started on minus 1 frame (4-2). Scott Sutton had equal measures of match success in the run up to the final but was unable to take it to the finish, as Steve defeated him with a tidy 4-2 score.

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Double Trouble Competition Results – 21/12/2018

Nick Phillips beat Allan Matthews twice to be crowned winner of this month’s Double Trouble competition.

Nick flew out of the traps in the first round, beating Scott Sutton 3-0. Stuart Byford was next to face the wrath of Phillips, recording just one frame before taking his leave (1-3). Round three against Evan Edwards could have gone either way (3-2) but landed in Nick’s favour.

By the semis, Nick met some resistance by the cue of Allan Matthews who won the deciding frame to take the match (3-2). Being a Double Trouble event Nick had one life left which he kept hold of nicely by giving Alan a taste of his own medicine in the repeat match. Nick beat Allan Matthews 3-1 to take the cash and this month’s Double Trouble win.

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Friday Night Competition Results – 14/12/2018

Stuart Byford was top of the tree in this week’s Friday Night competition.

Nick Phillips was Stuart’s first opponent of the night. Nick’s -2 frame handicap proved to be a big problem, seeing him out of the competition early (3-1). Next up was Liam Buchan, who proved to be Byford’s strongest contender of the night, taking the match to the deciding frame (3-1).

In the semis, Roy Aldis was ousted efficiently (3-1), giving Stuart passage into the final. There he met last week’s winner Josh Brown. Despite having a good run himself, Josh failed to gather momentum in the final, giving Stuart a clear run to the chequered flag (3-1).

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Dishin Derby Competition Results – 07/12/2018

Josh Brown became the new king of the dishes, beating Chris Cass to win last Friday’s Dishin Derby competition.

Last month’s Dishin Derby winner, Liam Buchan was first on the hit list. His 25 point handicap only added to his problems, seeing him out of the competition early (60-27). By the second round, Josh hit a purple patch trouncing Richard Toomie with a perfect 60-0 score.

With the finish line in sight, Matt Evans was next to go. He only managed to pot one ball for every 3 of Josh’s balls (61-22). Despite getting some high scores himself and bagging the highest break, Chris Cass wasn’t able to halt the Brown juggernaut in the final, who won comfortably with 69 balls to 30.

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Friday Night Competition Results – 30/11/2018

Nick Phillips beat Wayne Dowsett to win this week’s Friday Night Competition.

Wayne Beales was first on Nick’s hit list, he summoned up 1 frame before heading home for an early bath (4-1). In the next round, Simon Smith offered some resistance but succumbed to a 4-2 defeat. In the semis, Phillips met Glenn Sibbons, who’s no stranger to the Friday Night competition finals. However, starting on -1, he failed to launch, giving Nick trouble-free passage into the final (4-0).

In the final, and emerging victorious from a number of difficult matches in the more challenging side of the table, was Wayne Dowsett. History proved no prediction of form as Nick forged ahead to claim the top prize (4-2).

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Friday Night Competition Results – 23/11/2018

Danny Henderson was this week’s Friday Night competition winner, beating Gleen Sibbons in the final to emerge victoriously.

Danny was a spectator for the first part of the competition, after receiving a bye into the second round. The late start served him well, he flew out of the traps, beating Will Jaschok with a convincing 4-1 win.

The semifinals proved a little sticky when he came up against veteran finalist Glenn Sibbons. However, the deciding frame went his way, seeing him into the final. Glenn Sibbons mustered just one frame, before succumbing to a 4-1 defeat.

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