Double Trouble Results – 16/03/2018

Despite giving a one frame start, Shaun blasted through Graham Bryan in the first round. He didn’t drop a frame against his opponent to take away a 3-1 result.

The next victim to be dispatched with the same merciless fate was Nick Phillips. Nick had himself accomplished a perfect score against Meng in his first match. But fell foul to Storry soon after (3-1).

Steven Jones had a couple of close shaves in his previous rounds against Roy Aldis and Stuart Byford, but he ran out of steam by the time he reached the final. Shaun took no prisoners, and trounced Steven with a flawless 3-0 victory.

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Friday Night Competition Results -09/03/2018

Shaun Storry won the Friday night competition at Mr Pools despite his one-frame handicap.

He started with a close shave with Stuart Byford, emerging 4-3. In the Semi Finals, Liam Buchan didn’t fair as well, registering no frames on the sheet.

The final saw Nick Phillips, also carrying a one frame handicap, attempt to grab the prize. But it was Storry who was in his stride and romped through 4-0.

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Friday Night Competition Results -23/02/2018

Nick Phillips snatched victory in the final frame in the Friday Night knockout at Mr Pools.

Phillips started with a confident 4-1 win over Mick Robinson and continued in top form with a 4-0 win over Will Jaschok. Then it started to get sticky… Stuart Byford put up a brave defence, as Phillips progressed into the final 4-3.

There he met Wayne Dowsett who had romped his way to the final with a couple of 4-0 wins along the way. The final therefore was destined to go the distance, and Phillips pinched it by the odd frame.

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Double Trouble Competition Results – 16/02/2018

Stuart Byford secured the win in February’s Double Trouble event, with both lives intact.

He began with a 3-2 win over Danny Henderson and followed that up with a win over Liam Buchan by the same score.

Steve Dowdell was next to go, this time 3-1. Now at full steam, Byford dispensed of Nick Phillips 3-0 in the semi-finals.

The final saw Mark Huffer return to the top half of the draw, having defeated both Dowdell and Phillps along the way. He put a strong fight, but it was Byford who had enough left in the tank to take the win.

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Friday Night Competition Results -09/02/2018

Ed Mercer battled his way to victory in the Friday Night Competition at Mr Pools.

First up, Meng fell away 4-3, that win was followed with a 4-2 win over Steven Jones in the semi-finals and set up a match with Nick Phillips in the final.

Phillips had an interesting night. First, he scraped past Chris Lingard in the last 16, 4-3, and then repeated the close scoreline against Liam Buchan in the last eight. In his semi, Phillips surged forth reeling off a 4-0 win against Will Jaschok.

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Friday Night Competition Results -26/01/2018

Nick Phillips claimed the Friday Night Competition at Mr Pools by a narrow margin.

He started well enough, dispensing of the previous winner Glenn Sibbons 4-0 in round 2, before skipping past Myles Spankie 4-1 in the semi-finals.

In the final, Phillips faced Graham Bryan who had come the through a tough battle against Wayne Dosett 4-3 and then let fly with a 4-0 win over Steven Jones.

The final went all the way with Phillips grabbing the last frame to take the night.

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Double Trouble Competition Results – 19/01/2018

Shaun Storry emerged from a battle with Nick Phillips to claim January’s Double Trouble event.

Shaun began with a 3-0 win over Stuart Byford in Round One and followed that with a win over Meng by the same unopposed scoreline.

Liam Buchan was next to go, again with no reply. In the semi-finals, Nick Phillips came hot to the table and sent Storry to the bottom half of the draw defeated 3-1. He wasn’t there for long. A 2-0 win over Steve Cook saw Storry return to the top half and a showdown with Phillips.

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