Friday Night Competition Results – 09/11/2018

Liam Buchan continued his winning streak become the last man standing in this week’s Friday Night Competition.

Liam eased into the competition with a match against Greg Bell, who was able to pull one frame back before taking an early bath (4-1). Buchan went on to face Steve Jones in round two, who put up more of a fight but ultimately exited the competition with a 4-2 result.

In the semi’s Mark Huffer found himself on the wrong end of the 4-0 scoreline. And it was much the same story in the final, with Chris Lingard unable to make his mark (4-0).

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Dishin Derby Competition Results – 02/10/2018

Liam Buchan claimed the win in the November’s Dishin’ Derby with a solid potting performance.

Buchan started in the last 16 with a 45-29 win over Mark Huffer. In the quarter-finals Ashley Troath could only muster 14 points in reply to Buchan’s 46. In the semi, Steve Jones fared a little better with an 18 point tally, as Buchan continued his streak with the required 45.

The final saw Nick Phillips, playing of -10, make a strong challenge for the win, but it was Buchan who triumphed with a flourish and a 54 point total.

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Friday Night Competition Results – 26/10/2018

ew face to the event, Josh Gooderman beat Glenn Sibbons in the final to win this week’s Friday Night Competition.

In a field of 24 competitors, Josh made positive steps in the first round to beat Jay Deverall 3-1. Next up was Lewis Colley, who was unable to make his mark (3-1). Josh faced some competition in the quarters when he met Liam Buchan. The 3-2 result could have gone either way but landed in Josh’s favour to see him through to the next round.

By the semi’s, Mr Gooderman had found his stride again, with a convincing 3-1 score over Scott Sutton, and by the final, there was still no stopping him. He emerged victorious against Glenn Sibbons with a solid 3-1 result.

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Double Trouble Competition Results – 19/10/2018

Steve Dowdell outplayed the bumper field of Double Trouble competitors this week.

His tournament began with easy wins over Will Jaschok (3-1) and Sam Richardson (3-1). In round three Steve faced Karl Fuller, who fresh from a perfect score against Greg Bell, failed to get any further in the competition (3-1). Steven Jones suffered the same fate in round four despite having a decent run of wins thus far (3-0).

In the final, Steve Dowdell emerged triumphant from the final against Curtis Farthing with and an unquestionable result of 3-1.

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Friday Night Competition Results – 12/10/2018

Chris Cass was the champ of this week’s Friday night competition, beating Karl Fuller in the final to take the cash.

With 22 entrants this week, Chris had to cool his jets for the preliminary stage of the competition. However, in round one and raring to go, Cass delivered a perfect score against Danny Henderson (3-0), followed by another whitewash against Dan Reynolds (3-0).

The semi’s proved to be a trickier proposition, with Darren Leach fighting back all the way (3-2). In the final, Karl Fuller gave as good as he got, taking the match to a deciding frame. Chris dug deep, however, and took the prize for the second week running (3-2).

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Dishin Derby Competition Results – 05/10/2018

Chris Cass beat Glenn Sibbons to become the new potting king in this month’s Dishin’ Derby competition.

An indisputable win against Steve Jones in the first round saw Chris nicely on his road to victory (66-10). Matt Evans was next on the hitlist, making 22 before exiting the competition (62-23).

In the semi’s, Graham Bryan who has made the final in the last couple of competitions found himself on the wrong side of the 62-23 result. Which saw Chris comfortably into the final, where he faced Glenn Sibbons. Glenn was able to log 18 balls but couldn’t match veteran player Cass, who took this week’s winnings with little trouble (68-18).

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Dishin Derby Competition Results – 07/09/2018

Shaun Storry out-dished 13 runners in this month’s Dishin Derby competition.

In the first round, Shaun took no prisoners, despite carrying a heavy -30 handicap. His match against Mason Perry saw him rocket into the second round with a 93-18 result. Michael Yaxley faired marginally better but suffered much the same fate in the next round (25-94).

The semis saw no sign of wavering in camp Storr. Stuart Byford took his turn as a spectator, as Shaun potted his way into another final (75-5).

In the final, Shaun met familiar adversary Nick Phillips, who was carrying his own -10 handicap. But there was no stopping Mr Storry who is yet to find a challenger to his dishing prowess (16-90).

In the semis, Paul Youngs chalked his cue for nothing. He did, however, witness the magnificent highest break of 90 being performed. In the final, Chris Cass was able to knock up 21 potts. However, Shaun was again unbeatable, doing just enough to take the prize money (61-21).

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Friday Night Competition Results – 28/10/2018

Graham Bryan fought his way to the finish line, beating Liam Buchan to win this week’s Mr Pools competition.

Graham hit the ground running, facing Stuart Byford in the first round. With a bonus -2 frame start Graham comfortable overcame the mighty Byford with a 4-2 result. Round two was a hard fought match, with Danny Henderson staying until the deciding frame (4-3), and the semis were much the same story, this time against Mark Huffer (4-3).

In the final, Bryan faced Liam Buchan who up until now had enjoyed very little contention. This match proved to be a different story, seeing both players into a deciding frame. True to form and staying with the trend, Graham dug deep to take the top prize (4-3).

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Cross Pairs Competition – Results – 21/09/2018

Team Matt Schofield and Chris Denny were the surprise winners of this month’s Cross Pairs competition.

Fortune shone on the dynamic duo, as they took the only bye into the semi-final. They flew out of the traps, taking the first two frames from team Youngs and Sutton. The opposition notched up one frame before exiting the competition (4-1).

In the final Schofield and Denny faced the favourites, Graham Bryan and Chris Lingard. It was neck and neck all the way, with the winners finally emerging victorious from a deciding frame showdown (4-3).

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Friday Night Competition Results – 14/09/2018

Myles Spankie was the man of the moment in this week’s Friday night competition, beating Stuart Byford to take the title.

Round one saw Spankie face Chris Lingard, where a solid 4-2 win gave him passage into round two. The match against Chris Cass could have gone either way, being played out to the deciding frame (4-3).

In the semis, Myles dispatched of Liam Buchan (4-2) before facing Stuart Byford in the final. With Stuart facing a -1 handicap by virtue of his previous wins, Myles delivered a good 4-2 result to emerge victoriously.

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