Tables recovered as new Singles League gets underway

With the new season of the Singles League now underway, all the pool tables have now been recovered.

Tables numbers 1 through 9 and the American table have been thoroughly refurbished with new beds & cushions. With only a handful of Singles League games played thus far, those that book now will get the benefit of the tables at their very best.

There are around 20 days to complete the first round of matches, anyone experience difficulty arranging their match should phone the club immediately so that the match can be arranged on your behalf.

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Friday Night Competition Results -13/07/2018

Stuart Byford bagged some more winnings this week, after playing a hard fought Friday Night competition.

In round one, it was almost an early bath for Byford, as Matt Schofield went the distance (4-3). The second round against Jermaine Onley seemed to be the only bit of respite (4-3) before it was back to deciding frames against Chris Lingard in the Semi-Final (4-3).

Ed Mercer wasn’t about to make the Final any easier for Stuart. As was the theme of this event, the match went to the deciding frame, with Stuart digging deep to take home the top prize for his efforts.

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Dishin Derby Competition Results – 06/07/2018

Nick Phillips was the king of the dishes once again this month, despite a handicap of 10 frames.

His tournament started with Aiden Britton, who put up quite a fight before facing a 66-46 defeat. In the semi’s Scott Sutton failed to launch, knocking up a paltry 16 before exiting the competition.

In the final, Nick and Stuart Byford (also on a -10 handicap) went head-to-head. The 29 frames that Byford accumulated, however, weren’t enough to make the winner’s podium. Although getting the highest break prize could well have softened the blow a little.

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Friday Night Competition Results – 29/06/2018

Stuart Byford’s run of Friday Night competition wins continued this week, despite his one frame handicap.

In round one, Rishi Luckman was first to face Stuart and got one frame before taking an early bath. Roger Long had a bye in the first round but failed to make his mark by the semi’s against Byford (4-0).

The final didn’t disappoint as Stuart kept momentum and showed Chris Lingard the door with a no-nonsense 4-1 result.

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Friday Night Competition Results -22/06/2018

Stuart Byford was the last man standing in this week’s Mr Pool’s competition.

A bye in the first round saw Stuart’s play through to the semi-final, where he came out of the traps with gusto against Chris Lingard. Despite a promising start against Josh Ash in the previous round, Chris lost momentum against Byford, taking his leave with a 4-1 result.

In the final, Will Jaschok offered a little resistance but eventually succumbed to a 4-2 defeat. Leaving Stuart £24.50 richer. Not bad for two matches.

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Scotch Pairs Competition Results – 15/06/2018

The pairing of Graham Bryan and Stuart Byford took the title in the Cross Pairs event at Mr Pools on Friday.

It was a small field of players that turned out for the comeback of the Cross Pairs event. In the first round, The dynamic duo saw little resistance against Chris Lingard and Scott Sutton (5-1). While Wayne Beales and Glenn Sibbons were enjoying equal success against their opponents Nick Phillips and Will Jaschok (5-1)

In the final, the competition evened out a little against Wayne and Glenn. 8 frames and almost 1 hour later, and the die was cast with a 5-3 victory for Graham and Stuart.

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Presentation Night 2017-18

The Singles League Presentation for season 2017-18 took place on Saturday 26th May, along with the Singles League invitation event.

Players lined up for the free to enter competition for Singles League players and their invited guests.

Play stopped at 10pm for the presentation which saw almost £4,000 handed out in the form of over 60 prizes.  As well as the cash, there was a magnificent collection of trophies presented to the winners and runners-up in each division.

The big winner on the night was Premier Champion, Shaun Storry, who also claimed the Knockout Cup crown. Consecutive winners of each division included Graham Bryan, Mark Huffer, James Garrard, Liam Watson, Terry Westwood, Matt Evans and Wayne Dowsett.

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Friday Night Competition Results – 08/06/2018

Nick Phillips was in fine fettle this week, some convincing results saw him notch up another Friday Night competition win.

Diane Hartin was first to bite the dust, she offered one frame of retaliation but was quickly shown the door (4-1). Scott Sutton was the next victim but failed to make his mark in a 4-0 thrashing.

In the semi’s Chris Lingard came close to halting Nicks progress but didn’t make it across the finish line (4-3). Myles Spankie, who had enjoyed some convincing scorelines of his own, failed to launch in the final. Nick sailed to the finish, dropping just one frame on the way (4-1).

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Dishin Derby Competition Results – 01/06/2018

Nick Phillips took top honours in June’s Dishin’ Derby event along with the high break prize.

Phillips started as he meant to on with a 67-18 win over Mick Robinson in the first round. He really hit his stride in the next round as he dispensed with Sean Parnell by 63 points to 7.

In the semi-final, Scott Sutton could only muster short of two racks as he bowed out 61-26.

The final saw Phillips round off his evening without really being tested, with a 69-31 win over Will Jashok.

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