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Double Trouble Competition Results – 18/05/2018

Glen Sibbons beat Liam Buchan (3-1) to the podium in this month’s Double Trouble event.

In round 1, Wayne Beales was given short shrift with little to show for his efforts (3-0), and Chris Gallagher was dispatched with the same ruthless efficiency (3-0).

In the semi-finals, Wayne Dowsett gave as good as he got but failed to cross the finish line (2-1). In the final, Liam Buchan bagged one frame but wasn’t able to go the distance against Mr Sibbons (3-1).

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Friday Night Competition Results -11/05/2018

Nick Phillips emerged victor after a tough match against Shaun Storry, in this weeks Friday Night competition.

It was plain sailing in the first round against Wayne Beales (4-1), and in the Semis, Chris Lingard offered little contention (4-0).

In the final, Shaun Storry stepped up the pressure. The win could have gone to either player, as the match went the whole distance. Nick finally took the top prize with a nailbiting 4-3 result.

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Dishin Derby Competition Results – 04/05/2018

Stuart Byford dished himself to victory in May’s Dishin’ Derby event at Mr Pools.

Byford hit the ground running in his first match, as Matt Glover barely chalked his cue before losing 63-6. In the next round, Stuart didn’t need the -10 points start from Nick Phillips to show him the door (18-65).

The potting frenzy continued into the semi’s against Liam Buchan (76-13). In the final, Matt Evans scored a respectable 30 but was unable to match Stuarts’s potting prowess (64-30).

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Double Trouble Competition Results – 20/04/2018

Stuart Byford claimed the winners envelope from with Evan Edwards in April’s Double Trouble event.
In round 1, Wayne Beales was the first to fall under the wheels of Stuarts victory train (3-1). Glenn Sibbons was next, and despite putting up a worthy fight, finally succumbed with a 3-2 result.

In the semi-finals Matt Evans offered little resistance (3-0) as Byford steamed into the last round. In the final, the match with Evan Edwards seemed to be just a formality, as Stuart logged another flawless 3-0 result.

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Friday Night Competition Results -13/04/2018

Myles Spankie claimed the first prize in Friday’s competition.

Myles started with a spurt, ousting Josh Rogers with little contention (4-0), before following up with a clear 4-1 victory against Wayne Beales.

The Semi-final proved a little trickier with Stuart Byford fighting his corner (4-3). By the final, Spankie was back in his stride, defeating Graham Bryan with a flawless 4-0 win.

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Dishin Derby Competition Results – 06/04/2018

April’s Dishin Derby saw Nick Phillips romp through to the winner’s podium against Liam Buchan in the final.

Nick started his journey with an easy win against Glenn Sibbons, who was only able to notch up 9 pots before taking an early bath. In the next round Stuart Byford didn’t fair much better, he finished his night with a 10-61 result.

In the semi-final, Danny Henderson put up a valiant fight but was ultimately pipped to the post by Nick with a score of 40-60.

The final was all one-way traffic as Phillips rounded off his evening with a undeniable whitewash of 62-0 against Liam Buchan.


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Friday Night Competition Results – 30/03/2018

Ed Mercer took top honours in Friday’s competition, despite a one frame handicap.

Ed started with a 4-1 win over Myles Spankie, before following up with a 4-2 win against Glenn Sibbons.

In the final, Chris Lingard was waiting after battling through some tough opposition. There was no stopping Mercer, as he reeled off the frames to take the win 4-3.

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Friday Night Competition Results – 23/03/2018

Stuart Byford took no prisoners in his way to the win in the Friday Night Competition.

Wayne Beales provided the first opposition and put up a good defence before exiting 4-3. Following that close shave, Byford unleashed some form and defeated Mark Huffer and Scott Sutton both 4-0.

He took that form into the final and rounded off the evening with another 4-0 win over Will Jaschok.

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Double Trouble Results – 16/03/2018

Despite giving a one frame start, Shaun blasted through Graham Bryan in the first round. He didn’t drop a frame against his opponent to take away a 3-1 result.

The next victim to be dispatched with the same merciless fate was Nick Phillips. Nick had himself accomplished a perfect score against Meng in his first match. But fell foul to Storry soon after (3-1).

Steven Jones had a couple of close shaves in his previous rounds against Roy Aldis and Stuart Byford, but he ran out of steam by the time he reached the final. Shaun took no prisoners, and trounced Steven with a flawless 3-0 victory.

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